Additional Services


From small, single-family dwellings to multi-family housing and commercial buildings, Aero Construction Co. is a demolition contractor with extensive experience, reliable equipment and machinery, and an attention to detail that will save you time and money.


With over 30 years spent in the Pacific Northwest construction industry, we know the value of your land. Aero Construction Co. works with its clients to clear land as a stand-alone project, or as a partial scope of work on larger job projects, keeping the environment in mind. With exceptionally experienced crew and reliable equipment, we are able to clear land with precision and within timely manner.


Maintenance and installation of a side sewer is the responsibility of the property owner, and Aero Construction Co. is specially certified to connect side sewers for homeowners or builders of residential or commercial sites in all municipalities, including Seattle.


With a consistent commitment toward cost efficiency, we make a point of alerting partners/clients to fill dirt availability when we find there is an excess from any of our given projects.
To inquire, please contact:
Verne Wolley 425-334-0082

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